Select Sire Power - Training

The team of reproductive specialists at Select Sire Power have the expertise and experience to train you to effectively breed your own cows in a short period of time. Trainers are located throughout our east coast sales area offering AI schools at a convenient location and time for you.

At the end of the three day school or on-farm training, you will have the skills needed to inseminate your own herd with industry-leading Select Sires semen. Training fees vary by location and time required, but you will find training to be a cost effective investment in your farm's reproductive success.

Certified Trainers:

Carli Carolei, Elizabethtown, PA Cell: (845) 594-7011

Steve Furrow, Rocky Mount, VA Cell: (540) 520-4804

Ivor Jones, Canajoharie, NY Cell: (315) 727-0052

To inquire about training in your area, contact Select Sire Power at