History of Select Sire Power

Select Sire Power, Inc. (SSP) as we know it today, was created when Select Sires, Inc. in Plain City, Ohio and Virginia/North Carolina Select Sires in Rocky Mount, Virginia acquired Sire Power, Inc., in Tunkhannock Pennsylvania through a merger that took effect July 1, 2000.

After the merger, SSP in Tunkhannock rented office space until 2005, when land was purchased in Tunkhannock and a new office and distribution building was built. The building and move were completed in January of 2006.

The Rocky Mount office has a staff of seven including management, clerical, marketing personnel and distribution for the south. The Tunkhannock office has a staff of 10 including finance, computer personnel and distribution for the north.

Select Sire Power's coverage area includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, most of central and eastern Pennsylvania, central and eastern North Carolina and eastern West Virginia. As of June 1 SSP has 158 employees which includes 66 full time and 25 part time technicians and 31 full time area sales managers. The number of employees continues to grow as we expand in the areas of New York, New England and Pennsylvania.