General Managers Message

Select Sire Power Inc.

Submitted by Norm Vincel, manager

Dairymen have known for decades that using better bulls with A.I. provides additional benefits down the road when those daughters freshen. What many were not willing to do however is to keep using better bulls in times of economic challenges. The short-term savings of a few dollars on semen seemed like the prudent thing even when armed with the knowledge that lesser bulls will likely not be as productive.

In 2015 I believe we saw a shift in this decades-long trend as more and more dairymen continued to use the best bulls possible. The trust in genomics, the data generated espousing the economic advantage of using bulls in the top percentiles, and respected dairymen like Jonathan Lamb of Oakfield Corners Dairy in New York, stating most dairymen, big or small should A.I to the best bulls possible (genomic or proven) have led to a transformation of long-held decision making. Quite simply you decided that the small savings in semen now would cost you too much later. In 2015 you continued to use the best and many of the best were at Select Sires.

This brings me to my topic of why, in the teeth of low milk prices during most of 2015, did Select Sire Power have our most successful year in history? Typically our business ebbs and flows with the economics of the dairy industry. There are some obvious indicators why more dairy producers chose Select Sires for their semen than ever before in history. The genetic ranking of our proven Holstein lineup is one. In August Select Sires had the top 6 TPI sires. In December we had 7 of the top 8! Bulls like Mogul and Supersire were used by breeders large and small. The Jersey Revolution continued to gain momentum and our partnership with River Valley Farm helped add “muscle” to our lineup. Select Sires leads the “genomic revolution”, and sires like Yoder, Profit, Jedi and Modesty provided our customers access to the best of the best. The fertility ranking of Select Sires semen is industry leading. But at the core is that YOU recognized the value of better bulls. Whether using proven or genomic sires you recognized that it pays to use bulls in the top quartile for traits of importance to you.

Select Sire Power had record sales in 2015, and patronage earned by members will be at an all-time high.

Thank you for your loyalty and patronage.